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Exchange rate provider AX 2012
Exchange rate provider AX 2012
Yahoo! Finance

This project has been created to save exchange rate providers people have developed and are willing to share their code.

Microsoft offers the following exchange rate providers (out of the box):
- Central Bank of the Russian Federation
- Central Bank of Europe
- Lithuanian Bank

In this codeplex project the following:

Source Date range support Create necessary currency pairs Override existing exchange rates

Yahoo! Finances

No No Yes

Date range support is not supported and only today's date is imported. This is generally done when the service does not support specific dates.

The "Create necessary currency pairs" are not supported if it is a large number of currencies and you don't want it to be all imported in to the system (eg. Yahoo! Finance supports a huge number of currencies - so the code will only import those currencies that are set up in your system)

Click on Source Code and download the xpo. Import it into your environment, compile, CIL compile, restart your client and start using it.


Initial blog post:

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